Immigration detention bail: telephone reporting

Telephone reporting allows eligible people to comply with the conditions of their immigration bail over the phone, without needing to attend a reporting centre. This is part of a Home Office pilot programme.

Who can take part in telephone reporting

You cannot apply to take part in telephone reporting yourself. We will notify you if you are eligible.

People who are on immigration bail and normally need to report at a reporting centre might be eligible to report via the phone instead under certain conditions.

If you’re eligible, we’ll notify you by issuing a Bail 201. We’ll contact you using one of the contact methods we currently hold for you. This may be email, text (SMS) or by post.

The trial will last for a period of at least 4 months, after which you may be moved to a different type of bail restriction.

How to comply with telephone reporting

If you take part in telephone reporting, you’ll receive telephone calls as often as required according to your Bail 201 form.

You must make sure you’re available to answer our telephone calls during the times and dates that are stated on your Bail 201 form.

Telephone calls will be made from “withheld” or “unknown” numbers.

You must answer the phone yourself and not allow someone else to answer on your behalf. Legal representatives and Immigration Advisers must not respond on your behalf.

We’ll conduct security verification checks during the call. You need to make sure you are in a suitable location to discuss your personal details and have any relevant paperwork available.

As is the case with reporting in person, you’ll receive a text (SMS) reminder of your next reporting event.

In some cases, you may need to report more frequently on the phone than your previous face to face reporting.

If you have a reason why you cannot comply with telephone reporting events during the times or dates allocated, contact your local reporting centre via phone or email.

If you miss the calls

If you don’t answer the scheduled calls and subsequent attempts to reach you, you may be in breach of your immigration bail conditions. This means the Home Office may take further action including changing your immigration bail conditions and asking you to attend one of our reporting centres.

If you’ve recently missed a call, contact your local immigration reporting centre, quoting your Home Office reference.

Reporting in person

If you take part in the telephone reporting pilot, you might still need to report to one of our reporting centres in person if we ask you to do so. We may ask you to do this occasionally to maintain contact with you.

Updating your contact details

If you take part in telephone reporting and you need to change your contact details you can do so during your telephone appointment or by emailing your local immigration reporting centre.

If you want to leave the UK

If you wish to leave the UK, you can contact the Home Office Voluntary Returns Service for help on returning home.

If you don’t think you should be subject to immigration bail

If you believe you may be eligible for the Windrush scheme, you can find more information on the Windrush Scheme guide.

If you believe you have been trafficked into the UK and are being exploited, you should contact the police by dialling 999. You can find more information on the Citizens Advice page on adult victims of modern slavery

If you think you have a legitimate reason to stay in the UK, you can make an application by visiting the immigration pages of GOV.UK.

Published 12 July 2021

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