In an interview with Belfast Live, the Portadown native revealed the very different challenge he faced with the limited ingredients supplied for the Concern Worldwide Ration Challenge.

While he admits that the lack of variety was eye-opening, the real kicker came when his eight cups of coffee a day were replaced with a single teabag.

“It was definitely a tough challenge for a week,” he said.

“When you finish something like that, it’s really mixed emotions because you are relieved that you finished it. But actually, for so many people over the world that doesn’t change – that’s years of their life eating those rations. I’m glad that I challenged myself to do it.”

When he’s not rustling up a storm in the kitchen, Mark works at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine where his role as a programme manager brings him close to crises facing people in countries like Sierra Leone, Lebanon, Nepal and Myanmar.

“That was part of the reason I wanted to get involved in the ration challenge as well,” he explained.